bored and wanted to write what was on my chest and im procrastinating

Hey I just a 15 year old southern girl that wants to document her summer in 2013. I hope for a great but I should have studied more for my English final but I have a headache right now and I don’t want to study romeo and Juliet right now soo im just gunna do it in the morning and study before the final at 7:30 in the more YOLO!  I m listening to one direction right now and I really I their new songs. The song “I would” is playing now it my Jam would he say he’s in LOVE would he kiss you need love you I would blah blah soooo bored and not studing kk byeee love yall ttyl I a loser but loving life 


Studying for Finals vs. Procrastinating

I am the queen of Procrastination right now. I should be studying for my civics and spanish finals which are tomorrow, but i much rather write about my life on the internet, It also summer for me 3 more dayzzz. This is the beginning of the summers that i will tell my kids about. The crazy things i did and how weird i was and probably still will be. I am excited and nervous of what might be in store for all i know i could just sit at home all summer eating ice cream and watching Netflix.